Looking for a dentist in Toowong?

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care with a focus on patient comfort and satisfaction. We are committed to your oral health so that you can enjoy life without worrying about your smile.

The Dental Standard offers fixed-price services to make a trip to the dentist easier and more affordable than ever before. We provide a range of treatments from general dentistry to cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and implants.

Our dental clinic in Toowong is highly qualified with years of experience in the field. All members of our team have been trained on the latest techniques and technologies to provide you with excellent service, time and time again. Plus, we work hard to maintain our state-of-the-art offering, so your comfort and wellbeing are assured.

toowong dentists
toowong dentist

Routine checkups and cleanings for residents in Toowong

Have you been putting off a checkup? Let’s book it in and get you back on track.

The Dental Standard in Toowong provides routine checkups and cleanings that keep your teeth healthy, strong and brilliantly white. Show off your smile with confidence – our clinic is here to ensure your appointment is stress-free, comfortable and affordable.

Need a root canal, extraction or complex procedure?

At our Toowong dental clinic, we offer high-quality care and treatment to patients with complex needs. Our team is committed to providing the best possible care for your teeth, no matter the procedure. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with extensive experience in treating complex cases. You will be treated by one of our dentists, who has been trained extensively in their field.

Our smile specialists have years of experience so that they can help with everything from teeth whitening to implants. We offer a wide range of services available at fixed prices so that everyone has access to quality care. With our cosmetic treatments, we can help you achieve your dream smile for less.

toowong dental
dentist toowong

If you’re in pain, we can help

We specialise in emergency dental work, and we offer affordable rates for all our patients so you can be pain-free and not risk further infection or damage. While you may feel like you can get by with over-the-counter painkillers, this isn’t always the case and can lead to more problems like infections or complex complications.

Our team is committed to providing excellent customer service so we can help you feel comfortable during your visit. We are always happy to answer any of your questions, so schedule an appointment with us today to get the dental care you need.

Our Toowong Dentists

Our Toowong Dentists

Dr. Sahbaz (Baz) Thind

Our Toowong Dentists

Dr. Billy Kim

Dental Services Near Toowong

Dental Check Up & Clean

Check Up & Clean



$250 – $399


Extensive dental examination, all x-rays, photos, scale, clean and fluoride treatment.

Dental Fillings




$180 – $350


No matter the size – one low price for our state of the art white fillings. Simple.

We even guarantee it for 5 years!*

Dental Crowns




$1650 – $2000


The ultimate in strengthening a tooth. Crowns act like a helmet to make your compromised tooth look and feel better than new.

Emergency Dental

Emergency Dental



$280 – $450


Chipped tooth? Sudden pain? No worries, we’re here for you – at the one price, whatever the issue.

*Excludes complex extractions*

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Other areas we service: Indooroopilly, St Lucia, Taringa & Milton

Why Toowong Dentists?

Explore our comprehensive dental services, including root canal treatments, dental crowns, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental care.