Our fillings come with a Five year guarantee!

Our Filling Guarantee

At Dental Standard our fillings come with a FIVE year wear, chipping or breaking guarantee*. Did we say we offer piece of mind yet? I know, I know… we are the best.

What Does a Filling Guarantee Mean?

For five years after your filling is placed:

  • If our filling falls out, we replace it (for FREE!)
  • If our filling wears out, we replace it (for FREE!)
  • If our filling chips, we replace it (for FREE!)

Although we are amazing, use the best magic filling material out there, and have the most sexy team ever… even we can’t help you in every situation!

  1. As great as our fillings are (so good we stand by them!) they can’t fight off neglect and decay can still occur around them. This means that even the perfect filling can fail if not looked after with regular brushing and flossing. We actually don’t like redoing fillings and would be devastated to see one of ours go – so please do your part as we won’t be able to guarantee a filling that’s not been looked after. If there are any questions or worries about a prior filling that may be failing due to decay – please let us know as soon as possible so we can do all we can to help keep it healthy and maintain your guarantee!
  2. It does make us sad – but some teeth are just past the point of being able to fix with fillings! We love to help in any way we can, but if a filling just isn’t the right fit but you’d like a filling done – we may still be able to do it but we won’t be able to guarantee it. This is quite rare – and we’ll make sure we give you the full picture at your appointment!
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