We promise peace of mind.. peace of mind on quality, peace of mind on cost, peace of mind on convenience. At the Dental Standard you will see a fully qualified and Australian Dentist (that’s dentist with a DR in front of their name), not a hygienist or therapist. You will know EXACTLY what your fillings will cost you before you come in ($179) – regardless of size. No added ‘x-ray’ charge this or ‘consult fee’ that. At The Dental Standard we fix teeth and look amazing doing it!

The Dental Standard its all about YOU and your peace of mind, cause guess what? Taking care of your mouth shouldn’t be a headache.

We guarantee our fillings for 5 years!*

All our rooms have ceiling
mounted TV’s for you to
chill whilst we drill!


You book for a filling, you see our amazing dentists, you pay our super affordable fixed price, and you get a filling! AND whatever else is needed to get that amazing filling in your gob is included…

Need a consult?


Need x-rays?


Need to pay it off?


Fries with that?

Hell Yes!

Gone are the days of metal amalgam fillings. Modern composite fillings, or white fillings, are more durable, stronger and far less noticeable. In fact, you’ll have trouble even spotting them. So if you have small areas of decay that have encroached beyond the tooth enamel, come in and see us ASAP. We’ll have your tooth restored to its original strength and appearance in no time.

Fillings are also great treatments for small tooth fractures and small areas of staining that you’d like covered up.

Areas we service: Indooroopilly, Toowong, St Lucia, Taringa & Milton