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At some stage in their life, many Australians will find themselves with a missing tooth. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a solution in the form of a single tooth implant, which not only restores the look of your smile but the functionality of your jaw as well.

What is a single tooth implant?

A single tooth implant is used to fill in the place of a missing natural tooth. It consists of a titanium implant, an abutment and a dental crown.

The titanium implant is made up of a screw that’s inserted directly into the jawbone. Because titanium is a bio-compatible material, your bone will eventually fuse with the screw, locking it into place. The abutment looks like a small hook. Its purpose is to connect the titanium implant to the dental crown, which is an artificial tooth constructed from porcelain and colour-matched to your natural teeth. Once in place, it’s nigh on impossible detecting the artificial tooth from its natural neighbours.

Do you need an implant if you only have one missing tooth?

It may come as a surprise to learn that missing teeth are common in Australia. The most frequent causes for tooth loss are decay, gum disease and trauma (for example, a collision while playing contact sport). If the missing tooth occupied a prominent positon (i.e., a front tooth), people obviously want to get a replacement quickly for cosmetic reasons. If, however, the tooth is a molar, which are located towards the back of the mouth, some wonder whether it’s worth getting replaced at all. The answer is, it most certainly is.

Replacing a single tooth isn’t only about aesthetics and how your smile looks (although these are important reasons). It’s also about your overall oral health. Here’s why a missing tooth should be replaced:

Every tooth plays an important role. Each carries a load when grinding and chewing; when one goes, the others take on more of the grinding, which wears them faster.
Teeth don’t like gaps; they’ll shift and move in order to fill it up, causing misalignment.
When a tooth falls out, the part of the jaw bone that supported it can recede, leading to structural issues.

What are the steps involved in a single tooth
implant procedure?

Initial consultation

During your first visit, we examine the space where the tooth was, determine how it fell out and discuss your goals and budget. We’ll take x-rays and possibly moulds to assess bite and the health of your jaw.

Implant placement

During this appointment, we insert the titanium implant into the jaw under a local anaesthetic. A temporary crown is put over the implant at this stage.

Crown placement

After the healing phase is completed, we’ll take more moulds that will be used to construct the new artificial crown, which will then be put in to place.

Single Tooth Implant and Crown (Front)


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Single Tooth Implant and Crown (Back)


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