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Denture locking implants are a great alternative to traditional dentures, with many patients finding them more comfortable and less noticeable. Instead of being supported by the gum line, denture locking implants are secured with a number of titanium implants that lock it into position, making it more stable and versatile.

What are denture locking implants?

Denture locking implants are simply an alternative to traditional dentures, taking advantage of dental implants to make false teeth more secure within the mouth. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, around four to six titanium implants are inserted into the jawbone, which are then used as anchor points for a full set of dentures.

Depending on the type of implants, the dentures may or may not be removable for cleaning.

What are the advantages of denture locking implants?

Your teeth have a massive impact on the quality of your life. Making the decision between traditional dentures and denture locking implants is not easy and dependent on multiple factors. To make it easier, here are some of the benefits of denture locking implants that should be taken into account.

Denture locking implants are anchored to the jaw with titanium screws. This makes them far more stable than traditional dentures, which are designed to be removed every day for cleaning. Denture locking implants are more stable and won’t move about or dislodge when talking or eating.
People with traditional dentures are advised not to eat harder of stickier foods. Due to their stable base, this isn’t a problem with denture locking implants.
Denture locking implants are a better fit, creating less friction on the gums and are therefore more comfortable than the traditional alternative.
Denture locking implants look more natural compared to traditional dentures, giving people more confidence.
Due to the use of titanium screws, denture locking implants are able to preserve more bone structure in the jaw, which is vital when preserving the ability to speak and chew.

What’s involved in the procedure?

Initial consultation

In your first visit, we assess your overall oral health, including that of your gums and jaw, to determine your suitability for denture locking implants. We’ll also take x-rays and CT scans to give us a detailed picture of your mouth.

Second visit

During this visit, we insert the titanium implants into the jaw, under either a local anaesthetic. The wounds are then closed with dissolvable stitches. Temporary dentures are used until your permanent ones are ready, and they’re positioned in such a way that they don’t put pressure on your healing gums.

Third visit

We’ll use x-rays during this consultation to see if the jawbone has fused properly with the titanium implants.  Once satisfied, your brand new dentures are ready to be put in place. We’ll expose the tips of the titanium implants and secure your dentures to them.

Areas we service: Indooroopilly, Toowong, St Lucia, Taringa & Milton